Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sorry sorry

I know I'm really late with winners etc and we have not done a challenge this month but if you're not on my Facebook you won't know.

At the end of august/early Sept I learned both my parents were unwell.  My mum was in hospital having stubbed her toe which turned into gangrene.  She later underwent an above knee amputation.
Following this, she was put into a chair at the hospital which she promptly fell out of breaking her remaining ankle.  This meant it was impossible for her to return home so I have been organising with my sister to move her into a care home nearer to us.

Around the end of September I also learnt my father is terminally ill with cirrhotic liver disease and ascites.  He is in and out of a hospice and my sister is currently living with him.  I go at weekends as the house is in a poor condition and needs a lot of work plus I want to spend time with my Dad who probably doesn't have long left.  He has been fast tracked for chc 7 weeks ago which means his prognosis is less than 3 months.

At 2.20am on 6th Nov I received a call from the hospital to say my mum, who was just waiting for a nursing home place and "medically fit" had suddenly deteriorated and we needed to get in now.  Not easy being an hour away, my sister and father are nearer but unfortunately she passed away before any of us could get there.

I had raised a number of issues with the hospital before this regarding the standard of care which I am still pursuing.

My dad had just been back in the hospice and had had a fall right outside the house on coming home today and we haven't even buried my mother yet.

As you can imagine my head is completely elsewhere so please be patient regarding challenges and winners, I will get round to it and honour them but right now I need to concentrate on my father and pursuing the hospital over my mother's poor care.

Thank You